Positive displacement flow sensors with threaded connection / Aluminium casing

Type VZ AL

  • Various casing and sealing materials. Universally applicable for different media to be measured
  • Standard process connection via connection plates. Quickly replaceable without long process interruption
  • Output signal: Pulse signal

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The SIKA gearwheel volume sensors are suitable for the detection of volumetric flows with high as well as varying viscosity in the following areas of application, among others:

• consumption measurement

• control of filling processes

• dosing of oils and chemicals

• detection of paints / varnishes

A very precisely fitted pair of gearwheels inside the housing forms the measuring unit. The inflowing medium sets the gearwheel pair in rotation. The rotary movement is scanned by sensors without contact. Since each individual tooth generates a pulse, this results in a very high resolution. Thus, even the smallest volumes can be measured or dosed exactly.

The maximum pressure drop should not exceed 16 bar. This limits the measuring range for highly viscous media (see pressure drop diagrams).

Data sheet
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